You Are A Beautiful Thing

by The Wind-Up

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well it's been quiet, so quiet, so quiet since you left and the sound is deafening and i've been keeping a steady diet of whiskey and cigarettes and i don't know how far i'll get without you the glow from the tv screen is the closest thing to sunlight that I've seen in weeks and it's burning my eyes but it's not as bad as it seems cus i still get to visit you in my dreams every single night and I don't think that i want to wake up anymore let it go, there's no turning back it's showtime but i'll take it slow just in case I change my mind i don't know if i will see you where i'm going but i think it's time to find out if I'm right so here we go i've been trying, yeah i'm trying so hard to just forget forget you existed and i could say i have but i'd be lying, cus it just hasn't happened yet and i don't know how far i'll get if i do but maybe i can pretend that it's all coming to the end and i'm doing just fine but the light comes through the windows, and the fiction starts to decompose bit by bit exposes that I'm all alone oh please don't leave me all alone
i'm not seeing right it looks to me like the daytime is the night and i've been feeling like the earth is tilting and trying to spill me off of its side and if it succeeds the rivers will run dry and its back will be turned and the sun will not shine and the ground we walk on will become the sky can you tell me why i can't sleep till i've seen the morning light and every time i try to close my eyelids i hear the sound of your voice and it's crying ah...
i don't know what's come over me lately i've recently become aware of things all around me that bother me greatly and most of them don't even matter in the grand scheme and it gets me so worked up it makes me want to yell at the top of my lungs but half the time i don't even know what's going on in my own mind and i see people standing around in lines like robots without any minds of their own like their actions are controlled by some binary code and any second their circuits will short and their heads will explode and i don't want to be anywhere near the scene when it happens and it'll happen but half the time i don't even know what's going on in my own mind so i'll try to find a simple answer for all these problems i have inside my head
the woods are cold tonight and the world is dark what is the trouble dear? what are you worried for? your image fades in light and your voice is drawn you're just a dream of mine, this sort of thing's never real and when your cheeks have dried your loneliness will remain my girl when i sing to you the trees will rustle too and you won't cry anymore cus my girl the world was made for you the clouds they rain for you so you won't see them anymore the ocean calls your name, in tides it tries for you and ebbs away still blue, wanting lands where you are so drink in all your tears and they will make you grow like wine and common dreams make people like each other more my girl these flowers are for you they'll bring my love to you till you don't want them anymore my girl i'll build a stage for you strike up a song or two and call the band eleanor so you'll ask me what all this is for
it used to be when i would see you i'd forget to breathe did i say used to be? well it's still the same time keeps ticking by, it hasn't changed the shining of your eyes they're shining bright it's been a while since i have had the pleasure of your company and i like to watch you smile i will be the first one to admit that this here it is bittersweet so don't come to close cus the nearer you get, well, the bigger the feeling grows no don't come to close
don't move a muscle, yeah keep perfectly still i can read your mind just fine from where i'm sitting keep em open, i'm talkin about your eyes keep em open cus they're feeding information to mine every blink and pupil dilation, it's like a conversation you never spoke much anyway so this is the game you play, yeah i'll play along and i'll sing your songs all day did i mention that i would die for your kiss yeah you heard me right i'd give my life to touch your lips with mine with my eyes closed up tight, while yours are still shining bright yeah they're shining bright yeah you're shining bright
left town for the cure for this pale recanting sadness said pure and it's sick but i count the times that you've tangled this portion of my restless mind someday this tide will wash away someday this tide will wash away still watching the grayscale fire burn me away at a modest 900 degrees, reducing me to dust reduced to dust jess, they promised you life came down too secure with my heart in the palm of your hand, and your confidence high on a rainy night laid down on my doorstep woke up inside someday this tide will wash away someday this tide will wash away caught up in your fast-track life, you pushed me away with a hot ten seconds to leave before my time would come


released January 28, 2010


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The Wind-Up Queens

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